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Year: 2021

Role: Creative & Graphic Designer

Software: Adobe Illustrator

Three Mountains Brand Sriracha sauce is made from an old recipe that dates back over 100 years. They use spur chilis to create a unique flavor and never add preservatives or artificial colors. The packaging design is inspired by the current trend of authentic-looking Sriracha sauce bottles. Instead of placing all the descriptions in the center, I aligned the text to the left, giving it a more modern appearance.


Vietnam is one of the countries that produce the best fish sauce. Nam Hai is a new fish sauce brand that targets cooking purposes. For the label design, I used a retro style and centered every component to give it an original recipe look. In the middle of the label, I added an illustrated fish with a gold foil stamp effect to enhance the value of the product and capture consumers’ attention.

Process: Flexographic Printing

Material: White Gloss Paper 4Mil Thick

Technique: Gold Foil Stamp


Year: 2019

Role: Creative & Graphic Designer

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

When it comes to instant products, consumers often associate them with unhealthy food. However, Eastern Garden Project aims to change that perception with its instant rice porridge, which is ideal for comforting meals or breakfast. My concept for the packaging design is to create a visual that appears natural and healthy. To achieve this, I incorporated pastel color schemes and included a background of rice paddies, giving it a friendly and safe appeal to consumers.

In 2004, my client, Okamoto Rubber Thailand, which produces Faire Condoms, made the decision to redesign the packaging. The concept we agreed upon was to evoke a sense of romance and sensuality. We chose to incorporate human facial expressions and specific colors to represent each SKU.


Year: 2004

Role: Creative & Graphic Designer


Year: 2021

Role: Creative & Graphic Designer

Software: Adobe Illustrator

Cocoking Coconut Cream Powder offers a convenient alternative for those leading a busy lifestyle. It can be used as a creamer for beverages, baking, and cooking. The packaging design features a real coconut image with a splash of milk, showcasing the rich and creamy nature of the product.

Process: Flexography Printing

Material: Aluminium Foil Pillow Bag

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