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BTS is the most important and convenient mode of transportation in Bangkok, Thailand. During my college years, I developed the design for the BTS pass card as a project. The concept and design are dedicated to World Wildlife Day.


This animation is created for a social media post on the Instagram platform to promote Roma Marie Gold Biscuit for National Biscuit Month in September. The main concept is to convey a friendly feeling and showcase that this brand uses natural ingredients. Additionally, the main color used is yellow, aligning with the packaging.

Software: Adobe After Effect

Year: 2023



Eastland Food Corporation is a major Asian food distribution company that imports a variety of oriental food to the US. During my employment there, I have worked on several spec sheet projects. Here are some examples of the spec sheets I have completed.


The real Thai cuisine wouldn’t be completed without Kapi (shrimp paste). These posters advertise two types of Kapi under the Khoeinika brand: the traditional style and the convenient sauce style, catering to the modern lifestyle.

The famous Bobo fish ball from Singapore is a perfect choice for a hot pot party or a family gathering. In this poster, I aim to showcase the final product and highlight how appetizing these fish balls can be.

Maesri is one of the leading Thai Curry paste brands. The concept of the poster is to showcase the packaging, highlight some of the ingredients, and incorporate dynamic elements to create a lively appearance.

To support Thai export products, the Department of International Trade Promotion holds a campaign every year called Thai Foodie Event, which aims to introduce food products from Thailand.



Above image is one of the leaflet samples that I designed for Eastland Food Corporation. This leaflet showcases the descriptions and selling points of highlighted and fast-moving products from the company, intended for distribution to the target audience during food events.

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