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Boba drinks have gained tremendous popularity recently, evident from the increasing number of new stores opening up. A couple of years ago, the DIY boba drink also made its mark in the market. The concept of convenience allows you to enjoy your boba anytime in the comfort of your home.

Project: Bubble Break

Year: 2020

Role: Creative & Graphic Designer

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator


Bubble Break offers consumers a choice of 2 delightful flavors: black tea and brown sugar. To make it look appetizing and refreshing, I decided to use a splash of milk tea and boba, along with the main ingredients of each flavor in the design.

Unlike our competitors, we provide our product in a frozen style to preserve its flavor and freshness. Each package contains 3 sachets of boba in tea syrup, along with three boba straws. The materials used for the packaging are carefully chosen to withstand low temperatures, ensuring the high quality of our product.

Process: Flexographic Printing

Material: Nylon PE Stand-Up Pouch


Presenting the conceptual design for the line extension, featuring not only black tea and brown sugar flavors but also incorporating passion fruit, taro root, and grapefruit flavors

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