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According to traditional Chinese medicine, edible bird’s nests are claimed to possess medicinal properties and can serve as a remedy for illnesses. They are also believed to potentially enhance immune function. As a result, the concentrated bird’s nest drink can be an excellent choice as an alternative gift for longevity and wellness.

Project: Chang Shew

Year: 2020

Role: Creative & Graphic Designer

Software: Adobe Illustrator


Considering that the concentrated bird’s nest drink is priced high and used as a remedy for illnesses, the packaging needs to exude a sense of premium quality, reliability, and resemble a gift box. For the original formula, I chose the color red for the original formula and green for ginseng formula, which hold auspicious significance in Chinese tradition, and finished them with a gold foil stamp to enhance its value.

Process: Offset Printing

Material: Art Card Paper 350 GSM

Technique: Gold Foil Stamping



To ensure that customers recognize the Chang Shew product line, I applied a background color that aligns with the packaging and also displays the main ingredients of each SKU. Additionally, I added a glow in the background to make the product stand out and appear precious.

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